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I am writing to say thank you to Pastor Prince for pointing me to Jesus. His extraordinary way of preaching the gospel of grace has transformed and set me free.

I was born into a cult commune in 1968. Even though I was taught that Jesus is my Savior, I’d spent many years under the works of the law. I always tried to be good but always felt that there was one thing I lacked.

I battled with depression constantly even as a young child—it was a chronic and powerful stronghold that kept me captive. Many hours and money spent on professional counseling, medical doctors, alternative doctors, supplements, and medication all did not help me.

In the summer of 2012, my six-year-old happened to leave the television on when she left the room. I headed over to turn it off and that was when I heard Pastor Prince being interviewed. His words grabbed my heart like nothing I had ever experienced before.

I thought to myself, "He knows my Jesus!"

Immediately, I grabbed the remote control and recorded the interview. I watched it over and over, pausing it often to take notes. Oh, the joy when I learned he had a book and a television show! I began reading Destined to Reign and fell completely in love with Jesus and my Bible. I spent many hours reading, watching, and taking down notes daily.

When I first heard Pastor Prince sing the words of Psalm 34 in January 2013, it immediately became my theme song. I sang it day and night, whenever I was troubled and gripped with fear. Sometimes, I could barely choke out the words, but I kept singing the psalm and it never failed to bring comfort.

I was privileged to attend Pastor Prince’s sermon in Dallas, Texas, in 2013. It was incredible to be there worshipping our Lord Jesus with so many believers. My joy knew no bounds in Dallas when I realized we were going to sing Psalm 34 with Pastor Prince himself. As I was singing, I thought about how much Jesus loved me and how even among the thousands of people, He could see me.

When Pastor Prince said that some people would be set free from chronic conditions, I believed it was for me.

I didn’t feel any immediate change in my body, just a deeper faith to trust God that my breakthrough would come.

In March 2014, I suffered another round of depression marked by overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and despair. It was extremely discouraging as I had been focused on Jesus and the gospel of grace for nearly two years—spending time in scripture and confessing them over my life, partaking of the Holy Communion daily, praying and singing in tongues, declaring away self-righteousness in me, and doing my best to rest in Him.

I kept wondering what I was missing to break free from depression. One day as I was driving, I asked God to deliver me from being a whipping post. I even let out a big yell to let the devil know that I was done letting him steal my peace!

I felt a new fire in me that I can’t really explain, but I felt like I came to a whole new level of not just knowing, but truly believing, that my heavenly Papa wanted me free from depression. I boldly rejected depression in Jesus’ name, declaring His victory for me at the cross.

I immediately felt the depression start to dissipate and by evening, I was feeling much better.

I also talked to my heavenly Papa about the evil day that I felt had lasted way too long, and boldly declared my desire to see the good days as His Word has promised.

A couple of days later, on March 13, my sister excitedly called to tell me that she had seen me on the Destined To Reign program that morning, which had featured the Dallas service. She said the camera had zoomed in to my face while Pastor Prince was leading worship with the words of David from Psalm 34. When I heard that, I was flooded with Jesus’ overwhelming presence of great joy, peace, and love as I felt Him telling me that, yes, He had seen and heard me among thousands of people that evening and that my breakthrough had come! I shed many, many tears of joy.

I am writing because I feel such an urge to spread hope to others with chronic strongholds. I would say to them that no matter how long it takes, no matter how hopeless you feel, keep believing, stay focused on Jesus and His victory at the cross, and never give up. I believe the devil tries to hit the hardest when you’re closest to your victory, so hang in there! God’s grace will do for you what you can never do for yourself.

Keep confessing the righteousness you have as a gift and believe you are loved no matter how you feel. Depression is not from God!

Trials and emotions still come on some days, but I have confidence inside that I am not alone and they will pass as I keep praising Him and professing His Word. This way, I don’t fall hopelessly into depression anymore.

Thank you so much, Pastor Prince and your team, for sharing your passion for Jesus! I love you all!

Penny Rogers | Arkansas, United States
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